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Truancy Program Registry

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Programs (206)

Attendance Review Panel (2 Contacts)
"Success Highways" Program (3 Contacts)
1 BRIDGE (1 Contacts)
13th Judicial Circuit Court Family Division(Grand Traverse Co.) Truancy Intervention Program (0 Contacts)
17th Judicial District Truancy Reduction Projecxt (0 Contacts)
18th Judicial District ACE Court (1 Contacts)
Absence Addiction Program (3 Contacts)
Amachi Vision (1 Contacts)
Area Learning Center (1 Contacts)
ARIN IU 28 (1 Contacts)
asap (2 Contacts)
Attendance Audit Process (1 Contacts)
Attendance Improvment (2 Contacts)
Attendance Team (A-Team) (1 Contacts)
auglaize county esc (0 Contacts)
Awakening the Warrior Spirit (2 Contacts)
Better Tomorrow (1 Contacts)
Bolder Options (1 Contacts)
Bright Hopes Inc. (1 Contacts)
Butler County Truancy Intervention Program (2 Contacts)
C.U.T.S. (Court Unified Truancy Suppression) (1 Contacts)
California Community Partners for Youth (1 Contacts)
California Youth Outreach (0 Contacts)
Caminos (0 Contacts)
Capital City Youth Services, Inc. (1 Contacts)
Castro Valley Unified School District (0 Contacts)
Check & Connect (3 Contacts)
Check and Connect (1 Contacts)
Chesapeake Truancy Program (0 Contacts)
Child & Family Counseling Program (2 Contacts)
Cincinnati Police Dept (0 Contacts)
Cincinnati Teen Court truancy Program (1 Contacts)
Clay County Truancy Intervention Program (1 Contacts)
Collaboration of Community Agencies to Prevent Truancy (1 Contacts)
Colorado School Safety Resource Center (0 Contacts)
Community Empowerment Association Students Aimed For Excellence Drop out Prevention and Recovery Program (1 Contacts)
Community Servise Project (0 Contacts)
Cowley County Youth Services Truancy Program (1 Contacts)
Creedmoor Elementary (0 Contacts)
DAY Program (0 Contacts)
Department of Special Programs (15 Contacts)
drop out prevention program (0 Contacts)
Durant Safe Schools (0 Contacts)
Each one reach one (1 Contacts)
Eaton County Truancy Intervention Program (1 Contacts)
Education Through The Media Arts (0 Contacts)
Educational Advocacy Program (1 Contacts)
Educational Opportunities (1 Contacts)
Elementary School Attendance Program (1 Contacts)
Elementary Truancy Reduction Program (1 Contacts)
Espanola Public Schools Truancy Prevention Program (0 Contacts)
Evergreen Public Schools (1 Contacts)
Families And Schools Together (FAST) (0 Contacts)
Families in Need of Services (0 Contacts)
Families in Need of Services Assistance Program (1 Contacts)
family centered services (0 Contacts)
father helping child (1 Contacts)
Fremont County Truancy Review Board (1 Contacts)
Friends of Children, Inc. CINS/FINS Program (0 Contacts)
Getting Parents Involved (1 Contacts)
Goodrich Middle School (0 Contacts)
Grantie School District Attendance Program (1 Contacts)
Harris County Stay in School Program (1 Contacts)
Heavener Area Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative (0 Contacts)
Hennepin County School Success Project (1 Contacts)
Henry County Truancy Program (1 Contacts)
Horry County Truancy Program (1 Contacts)
Houston Heights High (1 Contacts)
Interagency Truancy Reduction Improvement Program (ITRIP) (0 Contacts)
Judges in Schools Program - 25th Judicial District (1 Contacts)
Juvenile Deferred Prosecution Program (0 Contacts)
Juvenile Intervention Services for Truants (JIST) (1 Contacts)
Juvenile Review Board (1 Contacts)
Kentucky Truancy Diversion Program (1 Contacts)
King County Superior Court At-Risk Youth Program (0 Contacts)
Kings County District Attorney's Office TRACK Program (Truancy Reduction Alliance to Contact Kids (2 Contacts)
Klamath County Youth Attendance Team (2 Contacts)
Knox County Attorney's Office (1 Contacts)
Lac du Flambeau Truancy Reduction Program (0 Contacts)
Lancaster County Juvenile Diversion Truancy Intervention Program (0 Contacts)
Lancaster County Truancy Coalition (0 Contacts)
Los Angeles County School Attendance Review Board (0 Contacts)
Macon Police Department Truancy Intervention Program T.I.P. (1 Contacts)
Mangum (1 Contacts)
MCVSD51 Truancy Reduction Initiative (1 Contacts)
Monterey County District Attorney's Truancy Abatement Program (2 Contacts)
Msko Miikaan Naagidoowin (0 Contacts)
Muckleshoot Tribal School (1 Contacts)
N/A (1 Contacts)
none (1 Contacts)
Northwest Family to Family (0 Contacts)
Nurturing Parents and Children (1 Contacts)
Office Of Attendance (1 Contacts)
Ombudsman Educational Services (1 Contacts)
P.A.R.T.Y. Presenting Alternative Resources for Truancy and Youth (1 Contacts)
PALĀ® Peer Assistance & Leadership (1 Contacts)
Paramount Youth Services (0 Contacts)
Parenting Wisely (24 Contacts)
Pascua Yaqui Truancy Committee (1 Contacts)
PASS (Positive Alternative Student Services) (1 Contacts)
PASS (Positive Attendance and School Support (1 Contacts)
Peoria Unified School District Truancy Program (0 Contacts)
Phenomenally Yours (1 Contacts)
Philadelphia Anti Drug Anti Violence Network (PAAN) (1 Contacts)
Pike County Right Track Truancy Program (0 Contacts)
Positive Impact of Union County, Inc. (0 Contacts)
Project Attend (1 Contacts)
Project PACT (Partnering to Assess and Counteract Truancy) (1 Contacts)
Project Respect (1 Contacts)
Project S.K.I.P. (School Kids Impacting Peers) (1 Contacts)
Project S.T.A.Y. (School Truancy Alternative for Youth) (0 Contacts)
Project START (1 Contacts)
Project Truancy (0 Contacts)
Reconnecting YOuth (0 Contacts)
Regional Truancy Reduction Pilot Program (0 Contacts)
Research study on Truancy (0 Contacts)
Rhode Island Family Court Stop Truancy Outreach Program (0 Contacts)
Richland County Truancy Prevention (1 Contacts)
Right Back on Track Mentoring Program (1 Contacts)
Right Start (0 Contacts)
Ruancy Awareness Educational Optional Program (0 Contacts)
San Diego County Office of Education/ Steve Fraire,Coordinator Child Welfare and Attendance (2 Contacts)
Sandra Golden (0 Contacts)
Santa Fe Public School Truancy Prevention Program (0 Contacts)
School Attendance Initiative (1 Contacts)
School Probation (1 Contacts)
School-Based Community Care (0 Contacts)
Seward County Pretrial Diversion (0 Contacts)
Shasta County Truancy Court (0 Contacts)
Shenandoah County Truancy Reduction Program (0 Contacts)
Smart Choices (0 Contacts)
Smart Sentiment for High Risk Teens (2 Contacts)
Social Responsibility Training (SRT) (2 Contacts)
Social Responsibility Training (SRT) Prevention Curricula (6 Contacts)
St. Louis County Truancy Court (0 Contacts)
STAR Program (1 Contacts)
STARS (Students Targeted for Recognition and Success) (0 Contacts)
START - (School Tardiness and Attendance Review Teams) (1 Contacts)
STATAS (short-term adolescent tracking and support (1 Contacts)
State School Attendance Review Board (1 Contacts)
Status Offender Accountability Program (SOAP) (0 Contacts)
Step Up (1 Contacts)
Steps Ahead for Youth (3 Contacts)
Stop Truancy Opportunity Program (STOP) (1 Contacts)
Student Attendence Initiative (0 Contacts)
Student Outreach/ Attendance Office (1 Contacts)
Students That Attend Reach Success (STARS) (1 Contacts)
Success University (1 Contacts)
T.R.U.T.H Truancy Reduction Utilizing Teamwork Habits (1 Contacts)
TAOEP Program (0 Contacts)
Teacher Education (1 Contacts)
Teen Victim Initiatives (2 Contacts)
Texas Council for Education Excellence (0 Contacts)
The Mentor Project (0 Contacts)
TRAPP - Truancy Reduction and Prevention Program (0 Contacts)
Travis County Truancy Court (0 Contacts)
Truancy & Dropout prevention website (3 Contacts)
Truancy and Delinquency Prevention Partnership (1 Contacts)
Truancy and Dropout Prevention Program (0 Contacts)
Truancy Arbitration Program (1 Contacts)
Truancy Assessment and Resource Center (2 Contacts)
Truancy Assessment and Service Center (0 Contacts)
Truancy Assessment and Service Centers (TASC) (2 Contacts)
Truancy Assessment Center (0 Contacts)
Truancy Case Management (1 Contacts)
Truancy Court (1 Contacts)
Truancy Court Diversion Project (1 Contacts)
Truancy Court Prevention Project (2 Contacts)
Truancy Diversion Program (0 Contacts)
Truancy Diversion Social Work Program (1 Contacts)
Truancy Initiative Project (1 Contacts)
Truancy Intervention Project Georgia (1 Contacts)
Truancy Intervention through District Magistrate Involvement (1 Contacts)
Truancy Magistrate Program (1 Contacts)
Truancy Mediation (1 Contacts)
Truancy Mediation Program (2 Contacts)
Truancy Mediation: A Model Approach (0 Contacts)
Truancy Online: USA (1 Contacts)
truancy prevention (1 Contacts)
Truancy Prevention Program (3 Contacts)
Truancy Prevention Specialist (1 Contacts)
Truancy Prevention Through Mediation (0 Contacts)
Truancy Program (0 Contacts)
Truancy Protocol (0 Contacts)
Truancy Reduction & Intervention Program TRIP (1 Contacts)
Truancy Supervision Program (0 Contacts)
Truancy to college campaige: Youth Building Success (1 Contacts)
Truancy Triage Center (1 Contacts)
Truant Diversion (1 Contacts)
Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau Truancy Reduction Program (1 Contacts)
Union County Truancy Board (0 Contacts)
Upstate Youth Camp (1 Contacts)
Violence Prevention (1 Contacts)
Washington County Youth Crisis Center / Truancy Program (0 Contacts)
WESD Truancy Prevention Unit (1 Contacts)
Yakama Nation High School (0 Contacts)
Yakima County BECCA Program (1 Contacts)
YBA Achievers (1 Contacts)
Youth Assessment Center (0 Contacts)
Youth Development Coordinator (1 Contacts)
Youth Services Division, City of San Antonio (1 Contacts)
YouthWise (1 Contacts)

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